Discover How To Build A Conscious Business From Your Wisdom

By Tapping Into Your Personal Power, Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose and Offering Authentic Value, Your Business Can Create Profound Transformation For Your Clients And Deep Reward (And Revenues!) For You!

If you’d like to learn how to share your wisdom, unleash your potential and explore the edges of possibility through your business – while helping more people with life-changing transformation – read on to learn more about this powerful 6-month training program.

13416428_mDear Future Zaggernaut-

To create real change in the world, you must be willing to risk the status quo of yourself and your business (if you have one).

Imagine how awesome your life and business could be:

  • By being who you are, amazing clients ‘get’ what you do and move heaven and earth to work with you.
  • Your value is apparent so your fees are a non-issue for your happy, motivated ideal clients who take responsibility for their results.
  • Your sensitivity, empathic skills and need for restoration are cherished and honored without you feeling like you have to be ‘edge-y’ about your boundaries.
  • You can dance with ‘the flow’ regardless of time in writing, creating new products and delivering your transformational services.
  • Your business wraps itself around your lifestyle so you feel more freedom and clarity than ever before professionally.

Your discernment would be honed for purposeful decision-making. Likewise, your business would be simplified as you cut through ‘the noise’ of what isn’t supporting you. And you would focus on what really matters to make a bigger difference and get paid well for it.

Build Your Business Beyond Reason

Your Wisdom + Inspiration + Strategy = Zaggernauting

3097387_sWe are now in the Energy Economy, where quantum energy is mainstream and the ‘Sacred Exchange’ beyond the mere transactions of business determines sustainable success. More than any other time in history, this is your time to shine.

Creating real change in the world through business takes more than a bunch of techniques. You must dance on the edge of your comfort zone and claim your full presence through inner alchemy, or transmutation of lower frequencies to higher ones. It’s a way of living and seeing the world that brings out your best that is shared as wisdom through your words and becomes a model for others to follow.

When you cultivate presence in alignment with your life purpose, it is both for you and for something greater to express – that is the voice of inspiration. Inspiration bypasses the sequence of chugging through various data and brings your next step quickly and easily.

By combining your wisdom, greater inspiration and business strategy, you go beyond ‘business as usual’ to a state of effortless entrepreneuring. There is work involved, of course, but it’s much easier because it happens in a flow state. By building your business beyond mere reason, you become a Zaggernaut.

In other words, by living your life’s purpose, by following inspiration, by (re)claiming your personal power and channeling your wisdom into valuable services, programs and packages, you can be more authentic, help more people and create a successful conscious lifestyle business earning six figures (and more).

My goal is to help you understand your distinctive value in and for your market, focus on the ‘critical inch’ of your business to maximize your growth and step fully into your authentic personal power to become magnetically attractive to your ideal clients.

‘Zagging’ While Your Industry ‘Zigs’ Can Change Everything!

12354017_sLearning business from traditional sources leaves someone like you (and I) feeling a little lackluster. We know that there is something much more powerful to pull from and that we can access it if we have the right key. But it’s not easy to find the kind of training that can unlock and decode the link between our wisdom and making a successful business from it.

When you learn the Zaggernaut approach to creating a conscious business that wraps around your intended ultimate lifestyle, you’ll:

  • Feel more centered and fulfilled about your work so you are excited about your business every day.
  • Know that you are serving your clients without sacrificing yourself and from a place of alignment, generosity and integrity.
  • Attract your ideal clients who are excited and motivated to work with you as a result of your unique perspective.
  • Charge appropriately for the value you create in the lives of your clients without guilt or hesitation.
  • Release what doesn’t serve and support you to create space for what does serve and support you.
  • Be more authentic in teaching from your essence rather than what you think is right or what people want to hear.
  • Create your platform as an authority in your field with a clear and compelling message that’s relevant, practical and timely for distinctive visibility.

Now is the only time that ever matters in creating new results. I believe that business is your highest calling made manifest through service. When you are aligned with your inner wisdom, the outer expression of your business takes clear form… and you can not only unleash your potential but you can help more people and change the world.

Becoming a Zaggernaut and building a business beyond reason can be the most rewarding experience of your life. And now you can make a bigger difference with the right guidance, support and resources – at last!

So why do heart-centered, wisdom-based entrepreneurs keep trying to use traditional business systems?

8777669_mSimply put, it’s because they know they need to learn about business but there are few (if any) business training mentors who blend wisdom training with personal development with business strategy.

There’s clearly a sequence to building a conscious business that wraps around and supports your lifestyle, as well as managing all the moving parts, including articulating your business vision, creating an identity, having a signature offer, developing a strategic presence, having a clear action plan and feeling the confidence of your own personal power. All of that requires systems and know-how and customized application to your business – which is hard to get in a traditional environment.

Traditional business created by having motivation from money, then what do they want to do, with who and, lastly, considered how it affected them. Wisdom-based entrepreneurs create exactly the opposite – they start with who they are, who they want to work and do what, and know the money will follow.

Money is fuel – not a motivator, but traditional business does not operate this way. Therefore, while traditional business practices can be helpful, they must be used in different ways and combinations for a wisdom-based entrepreneur. However, it’s easier to find a ‘big box’ business development training program than it is to find a holistic, comprehensive mentor and community to support you in your learning.

Are you ready to live your purpose, build your business through inspired action and help more people transform their lives for the better?


“The Zaggernaut Training Program”

A Step-By-Step Process For You As A Wisdom-Centered And Tranformation-Based Entrepreneur To Monetize Your Knowledge,
Build Your Business Through Inspired Action And Make A Bigger Difference Through Your Life Purpose And Authentic Presence



The Zaggernaut Training Program is a six-month online program that shows you how to convert who you are and what you know into a viable business platform and presence. It’savailable in three levels to meet you where you are in terms of support, including community and personal mentoring.

You will learn the system behind successful wisdom-based virtual businesses. This is what I share with my private VIP clients since 1998, upgrading content and strategies consistently to keep pace with changes in the landscape of business.

Why do I want to do this program? Because I’m called to help more people ‘zag’ to be seen by their ideal clients so they can help more people… in other words, through you, I get to help more people.

My intention is that when you follow this step-by-step training and participate in the live calls, you’ll easily attract enough business to earn your investment back with just 1 or 2 clients. And if you join the community and/or work with me personally, your return will be all the greater for it.

~ Lynn Scheurell

This program is for you…

17726562_mThe Zaggernaut Program is designed to support anyone who wants to help people and earn revenues through what they know – coaches, transformational services specialists, thought leaders, wisdom workers, teachers, consultants, speakers, authors, healers… if you have an ‘intangible’ deliverable based on knowingness, insight, wisdom or transformational clarity, this program can teach you what you’ve been missing up until now.

Since 1998, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs in every stage of development – from wannabe to seasoned entrepreneurs – and with all kinds of products and services – from designers to decorators, from spiritual teachers to debt consolidators, from city planners to community leaders, from stagers to scientists, from chiropractors to coaches and more. This training is based on what works and is presented in a way that you can apply to your own business, regardless of what you actually do.

The key to your success is your willingness to:

  • move beyond the edges of your comfort zone,
  • transcend the rules of traditional business development, and,
  • step into your personal power like never before… and that may be challenging. You need to know that.

But you will also have support and resources and guidance and people who speak the language of business and who care about your success. You have a place to turn to when you want a sounding board or refresh your motivation or test out a new angle on your marketing message. If you run into a challenge, you got back-up!

One of the biggest benefits of this program is that you’re not learning business as usual – you’re learning it in a very personal way because it’s all about you.

Six Steps to Unleashing Your Potential.

Helping More People and Making a Bigger Difference Through Your Business

The Zaggernaut Program gives you the six-step process to translate your wisdom, perspective and experience into a viable business that can earn you a good living for the rest of your life.

It Can Be Simple

I’ve sorted, lived and taught the process for building a wisdom-based conscious business that can easily generate six figures and more by distilling your distinctive value and pulling it through your brand for more than a decade. And now I want you to have the path to that kind of success for yourself. While it takes work on your part, it can be simple.

This is the combination of best practices, personal growth and strategic business progression that you may stumble on as you go but that can cost you years to figure out on your own.

So many talented entrepreneurs lose time and energy and get discouraged by trying this thing and that, or they hire people to help them who technically do what they’re hired to do but there’s not an integrated result (so they end up with a ‘Frankenstein’ business). It’s painful to watch someone’s dream die when it never had the chance to live.

Earning a living from who you are and what you know requires
the right mindset as well as the practical elements of building a conscious wisdom-based business.

Once you learn to ‘dance’ with the flow, to create action from inspiration and
to honor your life’s purpose through your work,
success happens naturally as a by-product of your growth.

Here is the six-step process that simplifies getting paid for who you are… (Oh – AND you get ALL of these Modules in this program!)

Module 1:


Learn to Identify, Articulate and Map the Integration Point of Your Ideal Lifestyle, Life Purpose and Business Vision To Create Your Foundation

Having a conscious business that wraps around your lifestyle means knowing how your life and work connect from a big picture perspective. If you don’t know where you want to go, you will never get there. And for many heart-centered, talented renaissance entrepreneurs (who are good at many things), it can be hard to focus on their core elements of success. But without that focus, there is no sustainable momentum in business.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to surface and clarify your life purpose so you know that you are on-track with what you are uniquely here to do.
  • The keys to creating milestone targets for strategic business planning.
  • How to define your ideal lifestyle as a guide to making future business decisions.
  • The best way to distill your ‘must-have’ lifestyle elements into business decisions, outcomes and timelines.
  • How to map the ultimate vision for your business including who you will work with, the products and services you offer, your conversion points and client progressions.
  • How to handle distractions, delusions and ‘bright shiny objects’.

Module 2:


Define Your Signature Wisdom Points, Marketing Message and Rules for Success To Crystallize Your Wisdom And Attract Your Ideal Clients

Wisdom is more than accumulated knowledge – it is your presence. Information creates the ‘taught’ curriculum while wisdom creates the ‘caught’ teachings. But you must know how to pull out and define key wisdom points to create a strong and desirable platform that can support your business. Those wisdom points translate into a solid marketing message with the right structure. And by understanding the rules for success that you have for yourself and others, you can release what doesn’t work for you and create the mental framework you need for authentic success.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • What you are here to teach others through your inner knowing.
  • How to keep your wisdom teachings relatable, relevant and fresh.
  • How to give words to your core message of transformation as a compelling invitation that inspires ideal clients to commit to their transformation by working with you.
  • The keys to identifying and releasing the beliefs and distortions that do not support you in business.
  • How your values affect your decisions from an ideal vs. a reality standpoint.
  • Where the rules for success live in your mind and how to ‘catch’ them in action so you can eliminate the saboteurs and intentionally strengthen the winners for optimal achievement.

Module 3:


Design Your Conversation, Your Persona And Your Brand For A Cohesive, Congruent Presence In Your Market

What you know, combined with your experience and presence, has tremendous value. Having a conversation is how you get seen; having a conversation that matters is how you initiate transformation – it’s the difference between having a chat at a party and going deep with a friend who has a problem you can (and want) to solve. You want to create a conversation that matters. Your persona is what people will see when you show up in any conversation. It’s important you are aware of your persona because, as you lead the conversation in your market, you will be perceived as the ‘go-to’ person for solutions. And your brand is your big promise made visible through every element of your marketing – from your website colors to your headshot, from your videos to your marketing copy. Your brand must feel confident, clear and cohesive for maximum credibility with your ideal clients.

In this module, you’ll find:

  • The five steps to finding and naming a successful conversation that matters to your market.
  • How to change the mindset of your potential clients by making a strategic recommendation via one of five ways.
  • The top five personas used most effectively in business and which one best suits you.
  • The key persona qualities and characteristics you need to be aware of as you cultivate,  grow into and promote your public persona.
  • How to find your ‘secret sauce’ that sets you apart from any other provider in your market.
  • The 8 key elements of branding and the physical places your brand is most obvious so you can create a polished, professional presence.

Module 4:


Develop Your Signature Process For Transformation, DNA (Distinct Natural Advantage) Offer And Right Revenue Model To Monetize Your Knowledge

The fulcrum, or leverage point, of your business comes from your ability to translate your wisdom into a system that can yield predictable transformation for your clients. Consider it your GPS – your Guiding Profit System. You may find that you have more than one signature process, which would yield multiple products and programs, but you want to start with a single process for a healthy and identifiable platform. This process should reflect the revenue model that will drive the financial engine of your business. Once you have a process in place and a revenue model identified, the next step is to formulate an offer based on your DNA, or Distinct Natural Advantage, which is compelling to move your potential clients into working with you. In other words, the offer is everything!

In this module, you will receive:

  • How to break your process for predictable transformation into a signature system to make sure your clients get results.
  • A blueprint for understanding your own Distinct Natural Advantage (DNA).
  • At least 10 different wisdom-based revenue models you can choose from to power up your cash flow.
  • The factors you need to consider in choosing a revenue model that can grow with your business.
  • How to price the value of your work for services, programs and products so you can confidently ask for the fees you deserve.
  • A step-by-step template to craft your offer in a way that speaks to the heart of your potential clients.
  • Bonus: Understanding Your Money Messages – How to understand your money messages so you can consciously upgrade your relationship with money.

Module 5:

Strategic Presence

Craft Your Digital Persona, Marketing Platform and Professional Presence To Be More Uniquely Visible In Your Market

Crafting your strategic presence is as important as an engineer knowing what the car they’re designing for will eventually look like – you have to know what you’re aiming for in order to make it happen. Your goal is to develop a platform (that points to your body of work and your approachable while professional presence) in a way that places you where your ideal clients are already looking for solutions. Doing so means that you have a strong backstory, hearty sound bites that build your reputation and a marketing plan that gives you buoyancy in today’s business climate. You don’t want to “compete”* on the same factors as everyone else and you certainly don’t want to commoditize yourself by appearing replaceable. By understanding the keys to strategic marketing, you can set yourself apart and attract your ideal clients in less time with less effort.

* Note: I don’t believe in competition as much as attraction marketing but I use this language here to make a point using a common frame of reference.

What you will get in this module:

  • The definition and hallmarks of a good platform, along with a fill-in-the-blank template to see what you’re already using and what elements you want to include in the future.
  • A step-by-step blueprint of how to write a strong backstory and bio to highlight your expertise and real-world experiences to create a stronger connection with your market.
  • A process by which to systematically review your message, process and deliverables to ensure they stay relevant, practical and timely for your ideal clients.
  • How to identify good ‘sound bites’ for your clients, media and reference points throughout your marketing materials that naturally attract more business and enhance your reputation without being sales-y.
  • How to develop a solid attraction marketing plan based on your insights, inspiration and market intelligence.
  • A powerful way to work with your inner critic (the one that usually causes you to shrink a little inside) so you can shine your light brighter without worry, fear or doubt about your credentials, appearance or anything else that gets in your way.

Module 6:

Personal Power

Access And Strengthen Your Personal Power For Greater Confidence, Motivation And Self-Mastery Through Business

The key to any business is tapping into and acting from your personal power and that is even truer for a conscious business. If your fears are bigger than you, your B.S. (Beliefs Systems) are limiting you, you don’t know how to be emotionally resilient and/or ‘read’ the environment around you to optimize your opportunities, your business growth will be stunted. The best way to ensure your business grows successfully is to invest energy into strengthening your personal power. You are the messenger of the wisdom that has chosen you to be its messenger so it is your responsibility to match it with your personal power to share it, well, powerfully! Your personal power is what will sustain your motivation, your momentum and your self-mastery as you grow yourself through your business.

In this module, you will gain:

  • A new understanding of how fear, doubt and insecurity are signposts of your repressed and suppressed personal power.
  • The keys to finding and resolving the B.S. (Belief Systems) that are holding you back from being your best.
  • How to be sensitive AND successful in business by setting positive boundaries for what you are willing to accept in your world.
  • Why you need to screen out the clients who are not a fit and just say no to opportunities that don’t feel right.
  • The one question that will give you power through perspective in every difficult situation, along with the one thought that makes sure you tap into your personal power.
  • The keys to being in a productive flow state, surrendering to what is even if you don’t like it and handling challenges with emotional resilience and optimism for greater balance and serenity.
  • Bonus: Face the Fear to Grow Your Business – A 60-page e-book designed to show you the ‘roots’ of your fear, how it shows up and what you can do to reclaim it to create intentional results in business.
  • Bonus: From Good To Guru – A 39-page e-book that shares the 10 crucial things you can do to help more people and grow your business faster and easier.

I’ll Be There To Guide You Throughout The Program

You will receive the training via pre-recorded webinars with Learning Guides each month.

You’ll also receive 6 hours of LIVE Q & A calls with me where you can get your personal questions answered about creating your conscious wisdom-based business.

I will provide mentoring and feedback on your business to help you:

  • Map your business vision, product development priorities and client progressions.
  • Define your core marketing message, marketplace conversation and branding elements.
  • Articulate your signature system and conversions strategies based on your DNA.
  • Develop your platform via a marketing plan that honors your inspiration.
  • Consider your optimal pricing strategy within your right revenue model.
  • And more…

I will also guide you through the more nebulous areas of growth, like:

  • Understanding the greater pay-off and options of ‘sticky’ situations.
  • Decoding archetypal patterns (and shadows) that show up to affect your decisions.
  • How to release what you don’t need to carry anymore (beliefs, habits and attitudes).
  • What to do when you’re in empathic overload through your business.
  • The language of intuitive insights to help you translate inspiration into tangible form.
  • And more…

And just as valuable, should you choose to participate, is what you will learn from your peers in the community both through personal connection and from listening in on live calls.

You need a tribe to belong to and, in wisdom-based business, it’s not easy to find people who are bi-lingual (speaking the languages of spirit AND business!). Fortunately, that describes the people I tend to attract so you’ll be meeting some a-MAZING like-spirited entrepreneurs!


Special Bonuses To Jumpstart Your Conscious Business Success

Let’s get things started with some of my tools that allow you to take action NOW!


VIP Days: Techniques For Powerhouse Breakthroughs – and Revenues!

Value = $997

Learn how to generate $1,000 – $10,000 per day by hosting your clients in a focused VIP Day. This type of intense session allows you to go deep with your client so they amazing breakthroughs while you leverage your time, presence and expertise. That means you less work hours but likely make (a lot) more money.

This pre-recorded webinar shows you how to schedule the time during a VIP Day to give maximum transformation value for your client, what types of topics will encourage clients to invest in themselves, how to price your VIP Day, what kind of materials you should have ready for your client and more


How To Have A Selling / Client Attraction Conversation

Value = $49

If you avoid selling conversations (or feel awkward when in them), all it means is that you’re on the edge of a learning curve. As a conscious business owner who makes a living from who you are and what you know, you need to know how to navigate and negotiate the selling process with your potential clients. There is an art to selling… and once you understand it, you no longer have to be afraid, go invisible or fall over your words when it’s time to ask for business.

This pre-recorded webinar covers the definition of good selling (and marketing!), what your potential client is really thinking about, how to reframe selling so that it doesn’t set off your mental resistance to it, how to handle different selling scenarios, language you can use in selling conversations, what you’re really doing when you’re making ‘the ask’ and more.


The Answer Series

Value = $29

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, it would have helped me to have some of the answers I needed then and that’s why I put this series together. It covers what gets in your way, what can trip you up when you’re not looking and how to live your life purpose through your business.

A four-hour audio series that addresses the six key stumbling blocks, obstacles and challenges that entrepreneurs surveyed said holds them back from greater fulfillment, visibility and productivity in life and business. The six key areas covered include: Soul Song, The Big F’s, Distortions, Business Self-Esteem, Old GPS and Practical How-Tos.


Access to the FAQ Database

Value = Priceless

With your input, we will have a database of the most Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll be able to use this for quick reference to get new insights, answers and even outsource services providers you may need as you grow.

This kind of resource can be invaluable, especially given the nature of this type of work – you just can’t find this kind of information laying around on the internet!

And that’s just for Level 1 – The Wisdom Seekers!

There are two more options to consider… Wisdom Catalysts and Wisdom Accelerators!

Level 2: Wisdom Catalysts

When you join The Zaggernaut Training Program at this level, you will ALSO receive:

  • Access to contribute to and participate in private discussion forums, where you, your peers and I explore interesting situations and opportunities for growth together.
  • A Buddy Mentor – and, by the way, that means you will likewise be mentoring one of your colleagues. Why? Because you have a lot to offer and, sometimes, being able to practice applying what you learn with someone else who is learning it can be an invaluable way to ‘land’ your new language, presence and branding decisions.
  • A spot in the MasterMind Group, where we explore advanced business and personal development strategies in an intimate group environment with two private 90-minute group calls / month. MasterMinding is a powerful path to accelerate results with the shared support of your fellow MasterMinders… this one benefit of membership alone can change everything for you!
  • Access to the ‘Zaggernaut Society’ Online Facebook Community to support your success in claiming your personal power, presence and profits through conscious business. Remember these are the folks who are actively learning and applying the same concepts as you – they can be a great sounding board and help you retain what you might have glossed over in your own mind.
  • Bonus E-Guide: Your Prosperity Path: How To Make Opportunities (And A Living!) From Your Wisdom – A short, to-the-point e-guide that walks you through how to maximize your ‘ROW’ (Return On Wisdom).

Level 3: Wisdom Accelerators

When you join The Zaggernaut Training Program at this level, you will ALSO receive:

  • Six personal 1:1 30-minute sessions to work with me on the topic of your choice (depending on where you are in the program, different situations will present). Our goal is to facilitate your momentum through the sticking points and ensure your smooth progress toward launching and/or being successful in your conscious business.
  • A personal Business Vision Map Session, where we map out your optimal marketing strategies, services and products mix, as well as determine your product development priorities and client progressions. (Value: $997)
  • A personal Website Review Session, where we consider your website in terms of attraction factor, clarity and congruence in messaging, use of branding elements for cohesion, conversion strategies and more. (Value: $449)
  • A personal Marketing Materials Review Session, where we review your marketing materials to ensure they convey the power of your work effectively and in an integrated way. (Value: $497)
  • Access to a private monthly e-letter with advanced insights and strategies for building a conscious business, including personal growth a-ha moments and stories.
  • Being a ‘Spotlight Member’ within the members’ forum so that people can see and celebrate your momentum as well as create connection with you that could last the rest of your professional life.
  • Bonus: A Strategic Action Planning Virtual Group Workshop where we will review the tenets of strategic action planning and actually create your plan throughout the day. (Note: you will need to be available for about 6 hours on a Saturday – the date and time will be announced as it is scheduled.)


Program Schedule And Details

Starting in February, 2015, you will find your first module accessible within the members’ area, with each module appearing the next month throughout the 6 months of the program. Modules will be delivered as pre-recorded webinars with companion Learning Guides to facilitate you in taking notes. Any bonuses will also become accessible at this time.

The live Q & A calls will be on the third Wednesday of the month. If you can’t make it while it’s happening, you can ask me your questions in advance AND these calls will be recorded so you can listen later.

You will get an invitation to create your profile within the members’ area during the first week of your program.

You’ll see the FAQ Database in your members’ area – feel free to submit a question and then check back in about 48 hours to see the answer.

And you will receive access to your bonus items within minutes of your registration so you can get started right away!


For Wisdom Catalysts and Accelerators:

The MasterMind calls will be on the first and third Saturdays of the month at 10:00 am Central.

You will receive your Buddy Mentor assignment during the first week of the month; it is up to the two of you to determine the best time for you to talk at least once during that month.

You will receive an invitation to join the online Zaggernaut Society on Facebook during your first week in the program; if you do not receive it, be sure to let me know right away so we can get that sorted out. Know that this online community exists for you – what you put into it is what you get out of it.

For Wisdom Accelerators:

Our 1:1 sessions together each month will be scheduled via email at y/our convenience and, if by phone, recorded as an mp3 and sent to you afterward via email.

Your Business Vision Mapping, Website Review and Marketing Materials Review are virtual sessions by phone or Skype and will be scheduled at y/our convenience. (Note: these must be used during the active 6 months of the program – not afterward.)

The Wisdom Accelerators e-letter with private strategies, insights and growth tips will be delivered to you via email during each month.

You will be notified of your ‘Spotlight Member’ opportunity in advance, in case you want to freshen your profile. It’s also a good idea that you check in with the members’ area and the Facebook group at least once / day as other members may reach out to connect with you.

The Strategic Action Planning Virtual Group Workshop will be scheduled for a Saturday well into your program; you will receive as much advance notice as possible in order to protect that time on your calendar.


One Super-Secret Big Bonus For All Participants…!

Lastly, toward the end of the program, there is one super-secret bonus that could generate traffic to your website (or online profile, if you don’t have a website yet) (although if you don’t have a website, we will be talkin’!!!). ;+)

Anyway, this one bonus benefit alone will present your message to potentially thousands of people… stay tuned toward the end of the program.


From Author

My Commitment To You

It gives me great joy and satisfaction to see your wisdom-based business start taking off! I consider us partners in making that happen through this program. My intention is that you achieve amazing results with your conscious wisdom-based business. My commitment to help you make that happen is so strong that if you aren’t satisfied with what you’re learning and aren’t seeing results, I will make sure to get you what you need to help make that happen.

Even more, if you still don’t see results, I will refund your money – as long as you submit your refund request during the first 60 days AND the work you’ve completed within the program. Why? Because I know if you take action on what you learn, your business will benefit and you will get results. If you do the work, accept my additional support and don’t experience an upgrade in your business consciousness, results and/or structure within the first 60 days after your purchase, then this is the wrong program for you and I will happily refund your investment.

I’ve worked with thousands of soul-driven, heart-centered, wisdom-based entrepreneurs since 1998 using these same principles, techniques and growth strategies. This process works! And I know it can for you too.

Benefits for each level at a glance:


The total value of everything in this program (without the Super-Secret Big Bonus) is nearly $13,000! And you can access it at whatever level you are comfortable for much, much less… not to be dramatic about it, but this is the decision that can change the rest of your life.

NOTE: All of the Zaggernaut Training Program modules, live calls and personal sessions will be delivered and/or led by Lynn Scheurell.

Choose Your Level And Payment Option



What kind of return can I expect on my investment in this program?

If you’ve read this far, you recognize that a) this kind of training goes far beyond traditional business and isn’t readily available, b) your wisdom has value and can be monetized with the right guidance and support and c) you’re ready for big change in your life and business.

Simply by attracting 1-2 new clients, you will have made your investment back for the Wisdom Seekers level; the other levels will take only a few more. That being said, I believe you’ll attract far more opportunities and new business than that.

What do you mean when you say ‘lifestyle business’?

That is a term that means your business wraps around your desired lifestyle. Your work creates the lifestyle you want to live by virtue of proactive design. Whether you want to work two days a week or travel six months a year or have events in exotic locations, your business can make that happen for you. That’s a lifestyle business.

Is there a guarantee on my results?

There are too many unknown variables to guarantee specific results or earnings as a result of taking this training – your results will depend on your situation and specific actions. That being said, you should see start seeing positive results within the first 60 days through new clarity, less confusion, attracting new clients, upselling current clients, creating a product or ebook from your wisdom and/or more… if you do not feel satisfied, tell me right away. I will work with you to get you back on-track. If you are still not satisfied, submit proof of taking action within the program (because if you take action, you will get results). However, if this program is truly not for you, I will refund your money within the first 60 days.

Can I upgrade to a higher level of the program if I want once I’m in it?

Yes, although it’s recommended you make that decision within the first 30 days (so you don’t miss out on program benefits). You would simply make that request and pay the difference to get access to the new level of benefits.

The Moment of True Opportunity

8001909_sAn opportunity is something that opens time and space for you to step through and become more of who you are by seizing the moment. If you are prepared, having invested in yourself the time, energy and resources to cultivate your best self, you attract better opportunities. And this is an example of that…

You have something special – wisdom that can help people live better lives. And you know that or you wouldn’t have read this far. You understand the fire that burns in your belly to change the world – you know it means that your life purpose is requiring you to do something different right now.

This isn’t about the money – money is a by-product of stepping up, claiming your crown and providing transformational value that others recognize through your business.

Make the decision and the money will show up to support you – think of the last time you had to make a major unexpected purchase (a car repair, new furnace or emergency something)… you made it through even though you didn’t know how at the time. So this isn’t about the money – it’s about how willing you are to believe in yourself and invest in your business through this program.

Being successful in a conscious business – where you show up fully accountable for what happens – is the path to personal happiness. Great change is preceded by chaos AND it is an act of devotion… it’s not about a clock, or money, or any other physical measurement. Changing the world takes you showing up more fully, working smarter and more strategically to leverage yourself, having a solid brand and message that speaks to the heart of your ideal clients and building your own platform so you can be seen as a leader in your industry. And you will never have today back as a do-over… nor tomorrow. Now is the only moment that matters in creating your next best level in business. What choice will you make in your moment of opportunity?

I’m here to help you… to give you the best of what I’ve learned since 1998 when I started my wisdom business. I did it before it was cool – and before there were the resources you have available now to help you. The difference is strategy, personal power and identifying the leverage points where you can make the greatest impact. That’s the leading edge of business… where Zaggernauts dare their soul’s dominion, risking the status quo and dancing with possibility. Let’s explore your leading edge together… :+)

Now it’s up to you to powerfully decide that you will finally learn the skills, unleash your potential and help more people through what you uniquely know… it can be simple with the right tools, guidance and support.

Registration End on: February 18, 2015

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I look forward to ‘zagging’ with you! ;+)

To Unleashing Your Potential, Monetizing Your Wisdom And Helping More People…

Lynn Scheurell

Creative Catalyst

P.S.: If you still have questions, drop me a line and we’ll have a chat: