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Lynn Scheurell Presents…

The Power of Zagging

For The Health, Wealth And Relationships In Your Business

So You Can Actualize Your Potential And Help More People Through Your Wisdom
Using Strategic Growth Systems (vs. More Working Hours!)

You’ll be learning:


What it means in practical terms for your business, including how to evaluate where to Zag for best results.


The key element your business needs to monetize your wisdom that you may be missing (so you can add it!).

Why Zag?

You need to start doing it and not just for your business – for the benefit of your CLIENTS too!

Predictable Results

How to combine inspiration with strategic action so you can attract new clients, revenues and, frankly, happiness!

This webinar is the pre-cursor to a comprehensive business-building training program designed to support wisdom workers in systematically monetizing their message. The content in this webinar will be focused on substance so please be prepared to take notes.

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The Power of Zagging

For wisdom workers who want to monetize what they know…

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